TB Saracen UK Income Fund

TB Saracen UK Income Fund is an open-ended investment company (OEIC) which invests in companies of all sizes. It is listed on the UK Stock Exchange.

The fund price is published daily and the prices are available on www.fundlistings.com.

Alternatively, you can view a pdf of the Saracen Daily Prices from the download link on our T. Bailey Fund Prices page.

The Fund aims to provide income exceeding 110% of the dividend income of MSCI UK All Cap Index and an overall return (income plus capital growth) which is superior to that index.

To meet this objective, at least 80% of the fund will be invested in the shares of UK companies (those companies listed on a UK stock exchange). The fund has two classes of shares: Accumulation shares, where income will be reinvested and Distribution shares, which will provide a degree of income and will be paid semi-annually to investors.

At Saracen, we like to make things as straightforward as possible. If you would like to invest in a Saracen Fund, you can download an Application Form here.  Alternatively if you would like a Fund presentation sent to you, please send your request to info@saracenfundmanagers.com.


Further Fund Details: