3. Company ESG Policy

The environmental policy has been developed to demonstrate Saracen Fund Managers’ (SFM) commitment to conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

a) Environmental Policy Objective

The environmental policy has been developed to demonstrate Saracen Fund Managers’ (SFM) commitment to conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. The scope of this policy is to consider the environmental impacts associated with SFM’s activities within our Edinburgh office, and associated transport activities. SFM has developed this Environmental Policy to govern its internal operations.

Principles & Key Policy Statements

SFM has recognised the influence that its operations have on the environment. SFM will take continual action to identify and reduce any negative impact and
improve our environmental performance. It is SFM’s policy to achieve the following high level objectives:

  • Understand the full scope of the environmental impacts of its internal operations;
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations;
  • Involve employees in our environmental programme and provide necessary training to enable them to discharge their responsibilities;
  • Engage with our Landlord to ensure environmental considerations are taken into account in the management of the office building.

To achieve these objectives SFM has identified a number of action areas:

  • Utilities – SFM aims to reduce associated CO2 emissions through minimising electricity, gas and water consumption, where possible.
  • Waste – SFM aims to reuse or recycle all possible materials and reduce total waste produced by our activities.
  • Procurement – SFM aims to source sustainable products and services, where practical, for all internal operations.
  • Transport – SFM aims to encourage employees to consider using more sustainable transport options.
  • Ongoing Review – SFM aims to sustain a programme of continual improvement in environmental performance incorporating suitable measurement and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Assigned responsibilities – The Board of SFM is responsible for considering any risks, opportunities and challenges associated with the identified environmental impacts and is accountable for the enactment of the policy.

b) Corporate Governance

Saracen Fund Managers Ltd (SFM) believes it is important to manage our business with due consideration for shareholders’ interests and to enhance long-term enterprise value. The board consists of five directors qualified for rendering proper business judgments and effective functioning. The inclusion of two Executive Directors is essential to enhance discussion in Board Meetings and allow the remaining three independent Non-Executive Directors to gain the fullest understanding of the firm’s operations.

The independent auditor’s performance and appointment is reviewed periodically. One Director of the firm is a Chartered Accountant and regular meetings are held with the Auditors. The annual report and accounts are produced timeously.

We have a single Remuneration policy in place that applies to all employees across the business. Our reward policy and practices are consistent with and promote sound and effective risk management. Salaries are set at levels competitive with market rates.

We enter into dialogue with shareholders based on an understanding of shared objectives. Important news is imparted, subject to appropriate inside information procedures, and we react helpfully to investor questions.

The Board regularly reviews our internal business ethics systems and ensures an effective process is in place for the internal reporting of wrongdoing. Robust compliance monitoring ensures all regulatory requirements are met including the enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption practices.

We adhere to our Environmental Policy and align our business with four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Recruiting and hiring from the widest possible talent pool is in our best interests, as is maintaining a diverse workforce. We monitor diversity within the firm, gender pay gaps and gender representation within senior management.