Saracen Fund Managers is part of AssetCo PLC


Our Approach

Saracen was established in 1997 and has been investing differently ever since.

Starting with the Saracen UK Growth Fund in 1997 (now TB Saracen UK Alpha Fund), we added TB Saracen Global Income and Growth Fund in 2011 and TB Saracen UK Income Fund in 2015. Today, Saracen invests only in global equities and we intend to retain this focus going forward.

We believe in letting our investment team concentrate on what they do best; giving them freedom to invest with conviction within a disciplined process, unhindered by bureaucracy.

High Conviction, Low Turnover

At Saracen we do our homework and when we invest, we do so with conviction and for the long-term.

As an active fund management company, all of our investments are subject to in-depth proprietary analysis prior to investing, with an emphasis on controlling risk. Our managers are neither constrained by benchmark, nor influenced by fads.

We see transaction costs as a tax on our clients’ capital and our turnover is therefore kept as low as possible. Our portfolios are concentrated as we believe in backing our best ideas, but with suitable risk controls in place.

Our Values

A long-term approach

Our focus on the long-term applies to Saracen as a business and to each of our investment funds and their performance. As an independent, employee-owned business we believe we have control of our own destiny. This allows us to make decisions for the longer term.

Alignment of interest

We believe in the investments we make. That’s why we invest our own savings alongside our clients and manage others’ capital as if it were our own. This is why you can be sure we’re not taking unnecessary risks with it.

Share success

We offer a personal service. When you contact us, you can speak directly to the person managing your money. Our goal is to communicate openly and honestly with our clients, even when times are bad. For Saracen to prosper, our investment funds must deliver strong long-term returns. Share success.